Wes Revels for Sheriff | Keeping Monroe County Safe

This is my second run for Sheriff of Monroe County. In 2014, I lost the August primary by a narrow margin. The loss did not lessen my desire to serve the people of Monroe County.   The people of Monroe County deserve the best police service for their tax dollars. The title of Sheriff comes with awesome responsibilities that can impact families for decades.  I thank Sheriff Perkins for his decades of service to the people of Monroe County and his willingness to take on the responsibility of the Office of Sheriff. 

The safety of our families, kids, our neighbors and friends is of utmost importance and they deserve the best we can give them. We must be personally willing and professionally prepared to deliver law enforcement services in the manner that upholds a strong set of values.  The actions of those given the authority to enforce the laws to ensure the safety of the citizens of Monroe County are guided by the Constitution. We must be prepared to put our training into practice and be willing to place ourselves in harm’s way to protect those that others prey upon.  

Law enforcement is stressful, demanding, dangerous and it imposes an emotional cost on those that have chosen law enforcement as their profession.  I do it because I love it. I stay up late thinking about what we can do better. I know we are doing something the people need and I embrace the opportunity to serve the people of Monroe County.  What we do impacts our families, friends and neighbors and that makes what we do extremely important. 

If I’m elected by the people of Monroe County to be your next Sheriff, you can expect that I will be approachable and place a priority on the victims of crime.  I will work with others to make the safety and well-being of the people that we serve a priority.  I will be involved in community initiatives and special events throughout the county. As Sheriff, I will encourage the members of the Sheriff’s Office to get involved, seek out and participate in training opportunities, be innovative, speak up, and make a difference in their work place and in their communities. I will make the Sheriff’s office accessible, responsive, inclusive, open and more visible and active throughout the entire county.  I will not turn down relevant technology or grant opportunities when offered and will be diligent about making the operations of the Sheriff’s Office more efficient, and effective for both the employees and the public. 


I ask you just one favor – Please share my message with your friends and family, because with your help we can make great things happen in Monroe County.